26 February 2008

The Orkin Man

The Orkin Man came to the house yesterday. He comes every three months. The Orkin Man wears a white hat and carries two pearl-handled revolvers. He runs up and down the whole house, and he shoots every cockroach! He never misses. When he's done, he climbs into his trusty white Orkin Man Van and drives away.

24 February 2008

Soupy Sunday

Actually, it's been a soupy week, though thankfully not with soupy weather.

Wednesday i made some zucchini soup, because My Better Half loves her some zucchini. This soup tastes fantastically green, though MBH points out that it tastes as much of peas as of zucchini. (MBH insists that she really does like peas, but often asserts that there are too many in a particular dish.) Not knowing a chile de arbol from a chili de hormel, i used a dried red guy from Keith and Beth's garden; MBH says it was too much for the soup. I thought it was just fine, but for her, i can dial it down next time (and dial up the zucchini).

On Saturday it was time to make chicken posolé! We had used this recipe before, and decided to add more hominy (three cans). The one thing i need to remember about this recipe is that it takes me a while to get all the chicken meat off the carcass and back into the soup; other than that, it's easy to make, delicious, crowd-pleasing, great the next day, and makes a boat-load of food. That's a five-star recipe, as far as i'm concerned. We had Keith and Beth and my brother Chuck over for dinner, and we still put several servings in the fridge.

What with company coming, i had to make cookies, of course. I saw this recipe for buckwheat cookies a few days ago and wanted to give it a go, since i'm trying to play around more with something other than white flour. The blog where i found the recipe warns that they have a "dull, gray color", which is a fair understatement -- they really look like something used the oven for a bathroom. But... there was only one left the next day.