19 March 2008

Per Se and Pizza

Saturday was My Better Half's birthday. To celebrate, Fargo and Caroline came down from the Boston area, and we four went to lunch at Per Se.

Per Se is the New York outpost of restaurateur Thomas Keller, famous for the French Laundry in California. Like the French Laundry, Per Se is known for both stunningly good food and stunningly high prices. (How high? Well, this lunch definitely was the most expensive meal i've ever eaten, by a big margin, and might be the most expensive meal i ever end up eating -- until i get a crack at El Bulli, that is.)

So, how good was it? I, unfortunately, was suffering from a crazy headcold that was perfectly timed to suppress my sense of smell on Saturday, despite megadoses of Sudafed. And yet, even being able to smell only faintly, this lunch was some of the best food i've ever had.

Saturday evening we four retired to the Brooklyn manse along with Fargo's brother Jared and his fiancee Marni. We made pizza and salad, so as not to overburden our already well-exercised palates. A good time was had by all.